My foot still hurts, no pics sorry. It hurts to walk or put pressure on it. I really think something else may be wrong because its still bleeding and swollen. I dont know what to do. It hurts to drive, so going to the dr is out of the question. They are closed before Chad gets home.




It was one of those days. It started off with our cable being off. DOH. which i fixed temporarily.  Then I get mel ready to go to her dr apt… Halfway there they call me saying it was cancelled and had to reschedule with another dr because he had an emergency! Poop! So back to school she went. It is just the week of bad luck and im tired of it!

And another thing to save for

Cat Mat

Ive been upgrading her stuff slowly. I mean i really only spent 18 bux to start. 1 thing at a time. Its teaching me to save, grr.
Anyways, this is the next item on the list. A cat litter mat because she is STILL spreading her litter around the bathroom. YUCK.
In other news, I just gave her the Feline Leukemia shot and now shes hiding 😢

Lacy is “official”


Her new tiny tag came in, and we got the letter and certificate and took it to the apartments! She’s now an official part of the clan! I love it. And shes perfect, shes right there when Melody needs her, otherwise shes off in her own cat like world LOL.