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My therapy day

It’s going to be a hard one, as my subject this week Is my son that wont talk to or see me. I just have to deal with the fact that he doesnt want to be in my life. It’s been 3 years now. And he stopped texting months ago. So I’m really upset about it. Why am I telling you? Probably because I need to!

Anyways here I am waiting!

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So, I had my back surgery today on my right side, and I’m in alot of pain! It feels like I was stabbed a dozen times in my spine (and I was lol). I have to wait a day or so for my final pain meds, and am praying they finish the residual off.

Anyways, while I was In surgery, mel was content on her phone. Silly girl!

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Spring Break outing

Its a gorgeous 68 degrees after a huge rain, and its absolutely wonderful out. A perfect Spring Break day. So, Melody and I enjoyed the day at several places having our nice little outing. Here’s some pics of our day, I didnt grab too many this time 😉

Then we decided to play outside, so she could look for snails! Shes doing some pushups first to warm up, then snail hunting she goes!

Push-ups to warm up for “snail hunting”

Now we are awaiting a visit from Aunt Holly, whom has made great strides in her own personal goals. We are so proud of her and love her so much.

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2019 Annual McAuliffee Chili cook off!

This evening, in the freezing cold, we went to the chili cook off at Melody’s school and had a great time! This is more of a gallery than a story. Lets start off at the beginning!

Here we were in the school having fun, off to the fun and games. Im popping in some you tube clips of her on the rides. Enjoy!


Here’s Melody ziplining, and below is her in a HUGE clear ball that they tumble around in!


Next she was off to lazer tag in a huge bounce house. After alll the fun, we were frozen and walked back to the car. But here are some more pics to enjoy! Love – T

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It’s 4 am…

And nothing to do…

So, what’s better than sleeping at 4am?? Playing with make up of course!

And everyone is asleep of course. So i’m trying on some new makeup. Some bizarre colors at that. I really didn’t think I’d like them, but i do! I’ve never been one for the weird almost goth look. Or anything strange, just the usual almost natural look and bright lipstick.

Purples & Greens

I’ve had this stuff stashed away for at least a month, almost afraid to put it on. Now my daughter is all for purple lipstick, but Iv’e been hesitant. But hay, who’s looking right? (well everyone now, haha)

Here is two of the most vibrant purples – It took some time to tell them apart – and a teal eye-shadow (Endless Sea, 24 hour infallible, L’Oreal), I’ve not worn that color before either.

Well I suppose on screen they DO look different. Now i’m going to have to figure out which was which!

And here’s another violet, closer to what I wore in high school…

Yeah yeah yeah, I know there is mascara on my face. I was doing it blind lol. I like this one too. It’s called “Va Va Violet” by Revlon.

I have no idea why I’m up telling you this! But I enjoyed showing y’all!