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Merry Christmas Everyone!

So our Christmas started early, of course with a kid 😂. She ripped through her presents and is now busy doing make up and making robots! Such a fun little girl!

Enthusiasm for her present 🎁
Opening gifts as they swallow her

And here are my turtles saying hi! It’s their first Christmas 😁


Then we were off to visit Papa and Wendy. We hung out there with Holly and Wendy gave us tons of craft stuff! It was fun. Only to return home and go to Leslie’s. I only stayed a bit as I had to study. Boo!

Our tree is now bare! Yay! 😉
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While I should be thinking..

About math I’m thinking about this dress for melody! I want to get it for her so bad! I’m bad about spoiling my girls! I’m not even sure where she would wear it but whatever!

So, math! It’s finals day! I’m nervous as heck about this one! 😬 This will determine if I pass or fail. I’ve done my extra credit and all assignments and I’m mere point away! I’m so very close. Once I get to school I’m taking one last pic of the campus, taking my test, then praying for a good grade!