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Next semester’s material

So this is my upcoming semester (on break right now, and passed history yay!). The books are huge and all relate to the same thing. Database!

Lots of reading

This semester will be so much fun, as I absolutely love 💗 database stuff (my major). A bunch of reading to get me excited about class! For the love of learning…

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While I should be thinking..

About math I’m thinking about this dress for melody! I want to get it for her so bad! I’m bad about spoiling my girls! I’m not even sure where she would wear it but whatever!

So, math! It’s finals day! I’m nervous as heck about this one! 😬 This will determine if I pass or fail. I’ve done my extra credit and all assignments and I’m mere point away! I’m so very close. Once I get to school I’m taking one last pic of the campus, taking my test, then praying for a good grade!

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New campus, fun times

So I signed up for a super hard math class in Denton… I thought they meant Corinth, but no such luck. Anyways, the campus is beautiful!

I’ll grab more pics next Saturday. Pray for me with the class, I’m going nutty already!

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Yes, im in. LOL. I have loads to do on top of schoolwork, so hay why not!? Community service, orientation, ect. Fun stuff. Here’s to another chapter in my life.

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Summer schedule 2019

As I stated in the prior post, I received a text about registering early so i did! Another 2 classes during the Summer. If i’m still hanging in there, maybe a third? But here’s where I’m at for right now.

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Spring semester

Already, yes! I have the spring semester scheduled. Taking a whopping 4 classes. I got a text a week ago saying we could register for spring and Summer early, so I jumped on the opportunity to get the classes I WANTED! I missed out on a few for the fall, so this is making up for it!