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Last day of camp!

She came home with all kinds of creations. A worm, a staff , a few unknown items and a craft box to take home. She had so much fun!

I’m glad it’s over though. We both tend to sleep in and it’s been rough. But we survived!

One more month and she’ll be in VBS camp. Lots to do this summer!

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Chase turned 20 yesterday

So he came to visit today and we celebrated by swimming and having dinner. Its always fun being with them and watching them grow into adults! 🥰

So here are the three swimming. I couldnt get a good pic though lol

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Yesterdays Soaps

Yesterday I was trying for blue. I’ve used these colors before without problems! I kept getting my funk green as shown below.

Then I finally whipped out a hot process batch and got it! The white I’d jojoba esters, no worries guys.

Then used the same color for a cold process. Its heavenly!

Today I’ve started off with a hot process turmeric. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve never done this one before. I’ll post a tutorial later. 🙂

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