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Next semester’s material

So this is my upcoming semester (on break right now, and passed history yay!). The books are huge and all relate to the same thing. Database!

Lots of reading

This semester will be so much fun, as I absolutely love 💗 database stuff (my major). A bunch of reading to get me excited about class! For the love of learning…

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Mini mester is coming to an end!

Woohoo! My 3 week class is finally almost to a close. I’ve been busting my bum on this one! US History. Not fun! Class will be completed Jan 9th. 😁

Here are my study essentials for this class. An energy drink (for long hours of reading) and my tablet (which I’m reading and doing assignments on).

Bang unicorn 🦄 is my favorite, but this will do!

I have 2 chapters left, a handful of assignments and a test! Viola!

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While I should be busy with school, and will be shortly, I’m playing with snap chat filters!

I did pass 2 of the 3 classes last semester, with great grades, but math didn’t quite cut it! I was close though. Now I’m in a 4 week mini mester for US History. Yay! I’m ahead so far, we shall see where this goes.

Back to some silly holiday selfies!

Me being silly
Merry Christmas Y’all
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While I should be thinking..

About math I’m thinking about this dress for melody! I want to get it for her so bad! I’m bad about spoiling my girls! I’m not even sure where she would wear it but whatever!

So, math! It’s finals day! I’m nervous as heck about this one! 😬 This will determine if I pass or fail. I’ve done my extra credit and all assignments and I’m mere point away! I’m so very close. Once I get to school I’m taking one last pic of the campus, taking my test, then praying for a good grade!

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And grades here we come

Slowly but surely they are coming! I PASSED Java!!! – I found out Sunday!

Tuesday I took my final in security, making a 72, so I know I passed that class, yay!!!

Now all that’s left is math. I’ll leave this here for status updates.

Second to last class ! Yay!

so I’m here super early and found some things to photograph. These things are everywhere! Drummer boys, too cute!

Dummer boys in entrance
Yep, everywhere
Silly drummer boys

That was fun! Sitting in the lounge waiting for class. We have our finals review today, then next Saturday our final. Then I’m done with math! It has been a very rough semester taking one normal class and 2 accelerated classes! I’m so close on 2, and for sure making a sky high grade in information technology security. can’t wait for other finals this weekend! Then I can really relax.

After this is over I head into another class for a 4 week mini mester. Eww 😷 I seem excel when under pressure, and I’ll have US history done come January! It’s one class after another for a bit. I’m sure I’ll be ok. I’m already more relaxed knowing this semester is almost done ✅