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Heart pumping and ready to go! Why is the first day always so intimidating? I’m doing a quick overview of my new classes; printing syllabuses and such. My heart is pounding! I’m set up in another room this semester, spreading my wings so to say. The exposure alone is daunting, but good for me as well. I’m just so darned shy! Anyways, here’s a screenie of what I’m up against this semester. I’ve not been brave enough to venture 4 classes as of yet.

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Stalking the teachers

Well here I go, another day stalking the webpage for my grades. Bah! The only thing that stinks worse than not knowing is knowing that 2 of my classes didn’t count! The Math prep, and the Web Design (which will only add to my GPA because I took it before).  And come to find out, the Composition 1 class I took in the Summer was a repeat as well. The A is great for my GPA though…


I signed up for the “mini-mester” for Music Appreciation. Its an intense 4-week course over the holidays. I can’t see it being that intense though. Its Music guys!

And Here we go with my classes for the fall…  I might add one more govt if I feel daring enough, but I highly doubt it!