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I promised I wouldn’t post here, but…. My other site is lagging!

So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and sell on Amazon. Hopefully my soap will get more attention in such a public venue! So, I have to barcode everything! These I did last week, but needed to decode them and ready to print. Here we go!

Activated Charcoal Homemade Soap, Unscented
Activated Charcoal Homemade Soap, Tea Tree Oil
Activated Charcoal Homemade Soap, Lavender Essential Oil
Activated Charcoal Homemade Soap, Musk (for Men)
Baby Cold Process Handmade Soap, PALM FREE Soap, TITANIUM Dioxide Free Soap, Natural Soap, Unscented Soap

As you can see, I have alot of work cut out for myself! I have too many kinds of soap! eBay for most of them, and then keep the good sellers on Amazon! Yay! Etsy gets hectic at times, I’m sure this will be interesting. Wish me luck!

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More diapers for charity!

After completing all my school work, I worked hard this week sewing. I sewed up 50 more diapers for charity. Last week was less. I’ll have to look at pics before I have a running total.

Anyways, they start off like this after the first round of sewing.

Diapers before turning

Then I have to trim, turn and Topstitch the babies! After that and the pins, ribbons and cards, they look like this!

20 large diapers
30 mini diapers

And of course there were stragglers that didn’t end up in the box!!! Oops!!

6 mini diapers

Away they go to the post office!

56 diapers + 54 last week = 110 so far!

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So, I’ve been sewing my brains out when I’m not studying! I nearly have my blanket done on the top, 22 diapers and prepping fabric for melody’s blanket. I have so much yet to do!

22 Preemie diapers (2 per pack)
Blanket for my bed (watch out Chad!)
Material for Mels blanket, waiting on some more..

And that’s what I’ve done for now. Going to prep for more diapers and read my book! Love you guys!

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My blanket

Here’s some progress on my blanket! I sewed 3 more rows to it and it’s looking fabulous! It covers about a third of the bed now! Much more fabric to buy for it!


I had to seam rip soooo many times tonight, it wasn’t funny! Anyways, mr man made me stop sewing at midnight, so I got pretty far!

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And it has arrived…

My sewing machine (again) that is! The first one was a bust, this one is solid and purrs like a kitten. I think we will get along fine.

So after sewing some diapers (like 22 of them!), I’m going to start tackling my blanket. I started a bit yesterday sewing squares together, but still have a ton to do. Here are my cute little ducky diapers!

Preemie ducky diaper in small

Back to the sewing machine. This one has a monogramming function, so I will be able to sew on names to the future stockings!!!

Oh the letters! And numbers!!

Did I mention I sold my tablet for this puppy? Thank god for eBay! And, with that mentioned, I’m doing great business on eBay with the soap and random yarn through my house. I think I’m selling more soap on there than on my website!!!

Off to make more soap and study. Then I’ll sew 🥰 oh the sewing machine needs a name! Hit me up with ideas! Or is that silly?

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Diapers about to be sent off to charity

In the morning, these puppies will be mailed off to Teeny Tears, the Preemie organization I will be sewing for. First, the itty bitties. There are 2 per pack!

Small diapers

And these are the larges.

Large diapers

And tomorrow I get my sewing machine yay! Then I can sew up the many I have set aside!

54 diapers!

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Sewing changes

So I started off with a Brother that didn’t last but two weeks of glorious sewing before the entire bobbin popped out (plate and all). 😭 So, I had to send it back. Waiting for my refund to opt for a singer I think.

In the meantime, my mother in law let me borrow hers and I can’t fix the tension. 🤯 I’m a little frustrated with this, I turned the dial and no changes.

So my stash of cloth sits on the table waiting for me lol! 😂 Id much rather sew with the classic , but imma dummy! Anyone know how to fix this? I’m dying here 🤣

Here is my bobbin thread, it’s not changing when I change the tension!

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Sewing station

I finally finished my sewing table cover with pockets. It came out okay, I’ll probably remake it later once I’m better at sewing!

Sewing desk cover

It’s a little wonky, but that’s ok. It was my first hand binding job. What a pain.

Back to the quilt for now!

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So much fluff!!

Here is what I’ve done so far! I love making these diapers 💕

The mini diapers
The small diapers

They are time consuming but bring back so many memories and the feelings when melody was tiny! I love sharing my love with people, and hopefully this will! Some blankets next and it will be a stockpile to ship until I get the address.

Back to my blanket now. I’m so very bad about making stuff for myself lol 😂