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We found it!

The pics of the Embryos that is (click to enlarge).

We will never know which one is hers, because we opted to go for all three. But its fun to play guessing games and she enjoys showing the picture off. I had one printed just for her and her scrapbooking. She had to bring it to therapy today, and the therapist seemed impressed!
Through her therapy today though, we found she had a rough day. We’ve been having a lot of ups and downs as the meds change and her little body adjusts. Hopefully tomorrow is a better school day for her!
Then  off to the grocery store where we had a bit of fun, as we were both hungry by then. Once situated at home, we had fun relaxing as usual. And as she promised, FINALLY brought her homework home. YAY Melody.
She’s snoozing in my bed right now and I so badly want to sneak a pic, but I don’t want to wake her.
My FAFSA paperwork came back in approved, so ill be going back to school soon. I’m pretty excited. The end result is unknown, but its better than being a bored housewife.

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7th anniversary!

Just throwing it out there! Chad and I have been married 7 years today! Didn’t start off as planned, but ended well =) He surprised me with a dozen roses, Im not sure that ive gotten a dozen before! Then we sat back, cooked up some frozen chimichangas and played with our lil girl… It was a great day!

The rest of the day, Melody and i spent wasting time at stores, playing ball, and finally ended up at the dollar store for more swimming supplies. And the funniest part of the day was watching people hop the fence to the pool, because they were sick of it being closed. Then getting kicked out by management… They waited an hour then were  back in. HAHA. We might do the same if they keep up the closing stuff… Its 102-103 here people, we NEED our pool!

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IVF baby

Ivf was no easy-peachy process… It “started” in 2005, with our initial consultation, which was only a few minutes with the dr discussing his fees, and a brief outline of the entire process. At that point, i never really considered what a straining, emotional draining process it would actually be…

So, we spent a few years stabilizing our marriage and our finances, seeking out better insurance coverage, and saving the money for this dream of ours.

January 2007 came by, and so did our hefty tax-return. We sat down together, and decided, we were ready… Back to the dr we went, 1/23/2007. Another consult with the RE, since we hadnt been by in almost 2 years… We were then told to wait for the agonizing AF to get started on our first IVF.

Thank god AF didnt take long to show her lovely visit, and we were back in the office on February 5th… The testing began! Chad’s sperm test, and my bloodwork and sono to make sure we were both healthy and fertile enough to begin. The RN started me on birth control and Prenatals at this time, and once again over-viewed the process with me, and told me she would call me to let me know what and when was the next step…

February 26th we were back in the office for the final “before” testing, and consult with our nurse on medication ordering and such. Our hefty downpayment was made ($1600), and medications ordered ($345). Medications were ordered March 2nd, and arrived on March 5th. Another visit to the RE on March 2nd, to make sure i was suppressing correctly. Back again on March 7th for Pap and another sono after birth control was stopped. AF visited March 9th.

I started my coctail of medications on March 10th, 4 vials of Bravelle and 1 menopur!! So the feared belly injections began! Of course, i wasnt exactly sure how to give myself the injections in the beggining, poking myself crooked, and hurting for hours afterwards… It did get better over time, but for a few weeks i had a lovely batch of pin sized bruises all over my stomach!

Another trip to the RE on March 12th for E2 draw. Sono & E2 on the 14th, when they upped my dosage to 5 vials of bravelle a day. That meant 2 shots a day, 1 in the morning and one at night. Running out of room on my stomach to poke myself here!!

antagon (suppressant) began on the 15th, so now we’re up to three shots a day!! The poking continued until the 20th, when i FINALLY triggered (11:30pm)! Yay! RE is seeing 8-10 possible eggs at this point!!

We had the egg retrieval on March 22nd. I was shaking and nervous!! They strapped my legs into VERY big stirrups, while the RE and nurses all stood around me. It was a wierd feeling when you have a bunch of people staring at your bare crotch! The lovely anthesiologist, my best friend at this point, gave me something to relax, which worked almost instantaneously. Then something to put me to sleep, and feel no pain. I remember talking to her, just not about what, then waking up with everyone smiling saying it was over!! They retrieved 7 eggs!! Now to start a new coctail of medications!! Crinone nightly, icky icky suppository, prometrium 2x a day, estrogen patches bi-weekly, and the prenatal still..

The long wait, 2 days, to find out how many were mature and how many fertilized… The call finally came in, only 5 were mature, and 3 were fertilized, 1 being abnormal. They told me we would be doing a 3-day transfer, to make sure that they have a chance, and would be better off incubating inside me at this point.

Chad and i headed in bright and early on March 25th for the transfer. Unforunately i think i took the valium wayyy too early because it had worn off by the time we got there =( We got a snapshot of our embies, and discussed the posibility of putting all three back in, 1 didnt look like it would make it anyways, but i still wanted to give my baby its chance. we opted for all three. In a matter of minutes, we were done!!

And here began the horrid 2 week wait!! Endlessly fumbling over pregnancy tests ( i bought at least over a dozen at the dollar store), straining to hopefully see that second pink line… Which went on for over an entire week before a second line was visible without dissasembling it! Our first beta test (blood pregnancy test) at 10dp3dt(4/4/07) was 70!! Second beta, 12dp3dt(4/7/07) was 167!! We are now pregnant!! No more guessing or pregnancy tests to fumble over.. The real deal!!

So now we wait for our first sonogram to see how many beans are in there!! Scheduled for May 1st! Cant wait!! Ill blog more then!