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So much fluff!!

Here is what I’ve done so far! I love making these diapers 💕

The mini diapers
The small diapers

They are time consuming but bring back so many memories and the feelings when melody was tiny! I love sharing my love with people, and hopefully this will! Some blankets next and it will be a stockpile to ship until I get the address.

Back to my blanket now. I’m so very bad about making stuff for myself lol 😂

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Preemie diapers as of today

Here we go! These tinies are so fun to make. Even down to flipping them inside out, which I usually have to do with a chopstick.🤣 I sure hope the families that receive these will love them too! 💕

12 “large” and 14 “small”.
I call them all tiny!

I guess I need to get safety pins and ribbons now and package them as I go. I want to send some boy ones too! I need boy fabrics 🥰

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I’ve decided to work for charity…

In my free time that is. I will be sewing diapers and blankets for very premature babies. 😁 It gives the parents a warm heart when they have lost their child with nothing to fit them! I will probably be doing gowns too. We shall see!

On that note, tons of flannel is nice for the Babies, or gift cards to fabric stores that sell it. And everyone who buys soap, the proceeds go to this charity I’ve decided to volunteer for.

I was lucky that my Preemie didn’t stay in the hospital long. So I’ll do anything to comfort those parents 😁