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Our goodies…

We got our sample goodies from The chequered lily and Allume this week and im dying to show you a DIY. We got a little excited and pressed most of it today, so we will have to do a tutorial tomorrow for you. It will be presented on our DIY blog…  

Onto the goodness!

Thank you two ladies, and I look forward to showing off both products pressed. Stay tuned for coupon codes!

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More DIY coming soon…

Will be here soon thanks to Allume-Beauty from HERE on etsy.  I can’t wait for the beautiful package coming to us!

It’s a set full of goodies to try. Many eye-shadow samples, a custom pressing kit, some foundation samples and it looks like toothpaste! All home-made stuff. I’m not all sure what is in there, but I cannot wait to try it all and share it with everyone! Hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday we shall begin our route in trying things on and reviewing for you. I’m not certain I can squish it all into one post! See you then!

We will be sampling all the products and pressing products as well. Plenty of DIY & reviews soon!!! I can’t wait to report my findings… Don’t forget to check us on to see our newest DIY and beauty!

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TheChequeredLily – review on samples!

You can find The Chequered Lily here on Etsy. We recently received 8 little baggies of eye-shadow to sample and tell you about.

First off, I love all the colors. This is the first time I have ever worn pink, and her “Looking Glass Unicorn” was my absolute favorite. It is absolutely fabulous for any color of eyes. It is a must buy! Now i normally wear purples, browns, greens and golds, so most of what she sent worked extremely well with my eyes. I can’t say there wasn’t anything i didn’t love. They are all bright colors, and POP when you wear a primer or base under the colors. I was impressed! My only downfall was that they didn’t stay on as long as I preferred, but that’s OK. I’ll just remember to take them with! I’m accustomed to 24 hour wear shadows.

Over all, her prices are fair, and her quality is superb! I will be getting more and sharing with y’all.

I’m going to show you some swatches then have my beautiful model show them each off for you!

Chequered Lily swatches
Chequered Lily swatches

Now for our gorgeous model to show you each individual color. 🙂 On her left eye (right side on your screen) she was wearing a base, which made each color pop out extremely. Unicorn is our favorite!! We are probably customers for life!


Dead Men Tell No Tales

For Amusement Only


Looking Glass – Unicorn

Monster’s Bride