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My hilarious hubby & sewing for tomorrow

So here’s how I found my hubby in bed after realizing that maybe I’ve spent too much time sewing! He’s not like me, I can sleep with the lights and tv on, haha! Not him. He swiped Mels sleeping mask 😴!

The brave man & the kitty mask

So yeah, I’m laughing 😂

Anyways, I put the fusing on my pockets for Melody’s apron ( yay, it will finally be done), sewed the edges of material so I could wash it. I washed ( dried and trimmed) it, and of course ironed it. It sits pretty on my shelf till tomorrow. I’m going to make Santa 🎅 bags. Either one huge one or two small.

For Santa bags!

The lining will be green, which is in the drier. And of course I’m wide awake at almost midnight! Tooo bad he’s a light sleeper.

Love you guys! 💗 Tenaya