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It was a great day

I woke up in time to make sure Melody was in tip top shape for school. Ran a few errands, Read Java & compiled the lab. Then im still working on securty’s reading (its a big FAT book…) Thank goodness I can read from my tablet, that way i dont have to carry 4 books LOL!

It may have been wonderful and gotten things done, but yet so much more to do. Math is a booger! So Summer is coming tomorrow to help me out before the test. I WANT to pass this class!!! On an other hand, im ahead in java, giving me more time to concentrate on the evil twin 8-weekers. Yes, i was stupid for taking on so much.

All I do is study anymore, its getting boring. Hahaha!

I didn’t mean to rant but oh well. I am happy despite the stress!

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It’s a java type of day. I’ve been struggling with this class from the get go. Thank goodness it’s not my major. Anyways, here’s what I’m up to today 😊