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Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Here we all are chilling at Mom’s for Thanksgiving! So much fun to have 2/4 kids here. My poor hubby is sick at home, I hated leaving him there!

Family at dinner

Little Melody found a way to entertain herself with chase monster!

Making comic books with Chase.

We are all sitting here watching movies, Cowboys will be on soon! Well, that’s all for now!

Happy thanksgiving everybody!


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Now that this evening’s math is done for the night,…

I’m so elated about the teacher giving us extra credit work! I’m sure most are like whateverrrr, moreee work!? Hahaha 😂

So here I’m back, after 6 hours of uninterrupted math work, I’m thrilled that I’m someone that learns better alone, but this time I need the help … by the way, she set us up a class online in khans academy to practice and learn and grow into a wonderful and blessed math genius!

Now enough of that for today. Onto the other side, the side that is crafty and love able.

This is our newest soap
Can’t wait to have them photographed!
Custom REAL goat’s milk, peppermint scented soap for a custom order!
My natural soap with my favorite scent of rose quartz. I’ll be great in 6 weeks!
Another custom order. Will be ready in 4 weeks, just in time for Christmas 🎄

I also have a few not shown here. Some poppy drops that I sold out of.

I also need to get onto doing the coconut soap that is soooo hard to make! If you don’t time it right it literally explodes! So much fun!

Sample soaps
Scented Tricolor handmade soaps still in the mold. Just made last night!
It may look like a shiny mess, but it’s soap freshly in the mold.
The what I thought was a lost pic! Here’s the famous us poppy drops!

And just one last photo. It’s kinda funny because it’s where I put the leftover stuff in and it looks like we will have 3 extra round green soaps!

3 poppy drops and 3 green rounds leftover from Aaron’s soap 🧼
The last one tonight, I promise lol.
Here’s the soap made in the last 24 hours.
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Math… I thought it stunk, but…

It’s a challenge for sure, and I’m not doing well, but… I asked my teacher for extra credit work because my grade is low. She sends us to her class on khan academy! All we have to do is complete 20 lessons for 20 extra points in class. I’m not clear on where the 20points go but hay, that could be a letter grade!

Homework is fun! 😂
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More soap

I think I’m done after this! This is a tricolor (pink, white and yellow), Japanese cherry blossom scented soap. Ready in 6 weeks!

The soap!
The samples.
Up close of the samples

I had fun doing all the soap this morning. I can’t wait to add this to my for sale collection!

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MY soap

I’m always making soap for everyone but myself lol. So, I picked my favorite scent, went natural with the colors (no dyes). So, here it is! My yummy soap 🧼!

3lb soap in mold. I added some sparkles inside and a little shiny mica on top.
I had so much soap I needed 2 molds, haha 🤣

So there is my yummy soap. Can’t wait to dig into it. I did hot process because it dries and hardens faster. 💗

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A soapy night!

My main concern tonight was making more poppy drops. People seem to love them! I actually ran out with a request for more!

Then I had to make some hot process quick soap for bro-in-law. It’s a neat process.

Heat up oil in crock pot.
Then keep an eye on the temperature of the lye.
Mix and add color and scent. Then let it cook for about 45 mins.
Viola! Soap will be ready in 3 – 4 weeks!
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In class.

I watched these videos so I’m kinda bored 😑 This is what I get for working ahead, or on track rather. Taking a short break outside.

Sooo, it rather embarrassing, but this teacher messes up all the time. Here she is covering her tracks. Someone pray for me!

At least something in the hall is entertaining
They decorated for Christmas already!
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Ready for class, again.

And I’m here early for once…

Yay it has notecards and I neeed them. But it doesn’t take CCs, doh!
Stupid cards! Stuck right out of my reach
Here’s the school. Again as seen in other posts.

Don’t forget the lovely parking garage we get to park in! 😄

Parking garage all fancy like.

Yes, I’m bored as you can tell. Hopefully I can understand something today and do well on the next test! I’ve been studying like mad and this is the only class I’m doing bad in. Bummer! This is the one class I don’t want to re-take. Wish me luck! Love ❤️ you all!!


Fancy calculator I can’t use. Doh.