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My therapy day

It’s going to be a hard one, as my subject this week Is my son that wont talk to or see me. I just have to deal with the fact that he doesnt want to be in my life. It’s been 3 years now. And he stopped texting months ago. So I’m really upset about it. Why am I telling you? Probably because I need to!

Anyways here I am waiting!

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Baby snails

So the saga continues,lol. My baby snails came in today. 4 purple 4 multicolored. I only ordered 3 of each, so it was a nice bonus. I kept half In my tank and half in Melody’s. She was so stoked to see the little critters!

They look so tiny compared to the ones we have! Here’s a photo of them adjusting to the tank. So cool!

And here’s a comparison piccy.

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Goats milk soap handmade by me!

So, I found a great recipe for goats milk cold process soap, and I gave it s whirl. It took 2 days to freeze the goats milk so it wouldn’t explode with the lye.

Anyways it came out beautifully. I cant wait to pop it in on the site. It’s not vegan, but it sure looks and smells yummy!

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Aquascaping continues

Well, I didnt get very far! I added 40 lbs of substrate without removing the rocks. It was a pain in my side. I havent fully decided what I’m going to do since it is an Oscar tank. They tend to pull things up anyways…

Here is where I added the substrate to one side.

And here is how it looks with some additional plants and rocks. Nothing fancy, but I like it. I’ll enjoy seeing them grow. Most are behind the artificial rocks, so it’s hard to see right now.

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So we had a tragedy yesterday. 2 of our snails passed. A golden and a black. It set poor melody into tears. But, on the bright side, I had bought a small golden for my feeder tank. Here he is! Upside down (I’ll turn him over!).

We have some more on the way though. So, right now, we have a blue, 2 ivory and a golden. Secretly I love them as much as Melody does! Shhhh!🤣🤣🤣

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Crafty Wednesday

So I found a bunch of clearance crafts at Target for 90 cents each and got some painting crafts for mel. 3 sets of paintable bugs, a bird house and a snail stepping stone(her favorite). Not bad for 5 bucks!

She was stoked when she got home and was able to craft away, outside of course. Enough of the blabber, here’s what she had fun making!

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I’ve never done this before, so call me a noob. But, I’m going to try and rebuild the substrate of our 75 gallon aquarium so that I can aquascape it! It already has plants and plant lights, we just need to fertilizer and soil. I’ll be leaving the rocks on top to deter my Oscars from pulling up too much while they root. I’m probably a noob just for doing this with Oscars, but I am determined! 😋

I will start by moving the rocks to one side while I lay the soil, then move them back and do the other side. 😁 Critiques are welcomed.

Onto grabbing the materials, then I’ll be back!