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My therapy day

It’s going to be a hard one, as my subject this week Is my son that wont talk to or see me. I just have to deal with the fact that he doesnt want to be in my life. It’s been 3 years now. And he stopped texting months ago. So I’m really upset about it. Why am I telling you? Probably because I need to!

Anyways here I am waiting!

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Baby snails

So the saga continues,lol. My baby snails came in today. 4 purple 4 multicolored. I only ordered 3 of each, so it was a nice bonus. I kept half In my tank and half in Melody’s. She was so stoked to see the little critters!

They look so tiny compared to the ones we have! Here’s a photo of them adjusting to the tank. So cool!

And here’s a comparison piccy.

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Goats milk soap handmade by me!

So, I found a great recipe for goats milk cold process soap, and I gave it s whirl. It took 2 days to freeze the goats milk so it wouldn’t explode with the lye.

Anyways it came out beautifully. I cant wait to pop it in on the site. It’s not vegan, but it sure looks and smells yummy!

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Aquascaping continues

Well, I didnt get very far! I added 40 lbs of substrate without removing the rocks. It was a pain in my side. I havent fully decided what I’m going to do since it is an Oscar tank. They tend to pull things up anyways…

Here is where I added the substrate to one side.

And here is how it looks with some additional plants and rocks. Nothing fancy, but I like it. I’ll enjoy seeing them grow. Most are behind the artificial rocks, so it’s hard to see right now.

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So we had a tragedy yesterday. 2 of our snails passed. A golden and a black. It set poor melody into tears. But, on the bright side, I had bought a small golden for my feeder tank. Here he is! Upside down (I’ll turn him over!).

We have some more on the way though. So, right now, we have a blue, 2 ivory and a golden. Secretly I love them as much as Melody does! Shhhh!🤣🤣🤣