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Long Day, pt 3

So this is always the most eventful part! The spinal injections. It makes me feel GREAT for a day or so, then fades. Then I have to wait for the fantastic surgery that keeps it that way. So today the pain block, wait two weeks for another visit, then the real stuff!!

Dr also says no lifting weights at the gym. Just walking or biking. He was a little shocked i was going. Anyways, I’m exhausted. I have another long one tomorrow, so i’m going to relax with a school book!

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LONG day, pt 2

So mel and I went to the dentist, only to find out that my dental insurance is no longer valid, so i have to sit and make phone calls while we wait…. She did get in to her x-rays without me then i joined her for the fun of finding out she only has 3 more baby teeth to loose! Its amazing shes so close to braces!

On the other spectrum, i find out tomorrow if they take my insurance and need another dentist. At least I get my crown tomorrow… That makes me happy!

And here comes part 3, visiting the pain dr for spinal injections! See you there!

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Our LONG day, pt.1

Well, we have a long day ahead! Shots, dentist and spinal injections, and Melody is part of the Chaos today!

Our first stop was the Lewisville Health Department for shots, since her regular dr does not do those types of shots. She panicked a little at first, then settled down while the shots were being done. Go figure.

In the waiting room we had a good old time goofing off! So here we are!!

I shall continue this in another post, as we are home now, and she’s had her Tylenol for the soreness. Up Next… The Dentist!