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2019 Annual McAuliffee Chili cook off!

This evening, in the freezing cold, we went to the chili cook off at Melody’s school and had a great time! This is more of a gallery than a story. Lets start off at the beginning!

Here we were in the school having fun, off to the fun and games. Im popping in some you tube clips of her on the rides. Enjoy!


Here’s Melody ziplining, and below is her in a HUGE clear ball that they tumble around in!


Next she was off to lazer tag in a huge bounce house. After alll the fun, we were frozen and walked back to the car. But here are some more pics to enjoy! Love – T

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Snails, yea.

So Melody has a tank of mystery snails. White, blue and gold. They are interesting and extremely low maintenance. Easiest pets ever.

Well we think we caught them mating! We might have a tank of baby snails soon! I’ll link the you tube video soon!



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Happy Day

I took Mel out to the petstore and we looked at the cats and dogs for adoption and the other pets around the store. Then Mel and I spent the day outdoors.

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Surgery scheduled!

Finally, the second back surgery has been scheduled for March 18th! I can’t wait to be in less pain. It can be overwhelming at times. I tend to crouch due to my spinal condition, but hopefully i can correct my posture after surgery as well!

Love you guys!


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Melody the farmer

Today she decided she wanted to plant flowers and veggies, so we hopped over to walmart and the dollar store! We got containers and seeds at the dollar store and dirt at walmart. So, for under 15 bux, we will have a pretty garden on our patio, thanks to little Melody 😍

Here she is in action. Boy she will need a bath after this episode!