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So, a few days ago, I got Melody a pumpkin! She did a great job with the cut out design, and painting it up. There’s a little cat in there.

Silly Pumpkin!

We also went to some Halloweenish activities, and Melody decided she was a dead Unicorn. Lovely!

Nice make-up job!
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My beauties!

So, im into soap and eyeshadow right now for the business, and i thought id show off some cold process soaps ive been working on. They take a long time to make and even longer to cure (4-6 weeks!), so its a process.

Here’s what they look like right after being loafed.

And then here they are waiting to cure.

3-5 weeks left on these guys!

Check it all out on 

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Our first sale!

Today is the day i put our first dollar on the wall!! I’m so thrilled someone bought something. I packaged it up all professionally and it goes out tomorrow. Someone bought all the christmas soap I had in stock on the Etsy cart. Too bad i didn’t list them all! 🙂 Buy Bye soap!