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It’s 4 am…

And nothing to do…

So, what’s better than sleeping at 4am?? Playing with make up of course!

And everyone is asleep of course. So i’m trying on some new makeup. Some bizarre colors at that. I really didn’t think I’d like them, but i do! I’ve never been one for the weird almost goth look. Or anything strange, just the usual almost natural look and bright lipstick.

Purples & Greens

I’ve had this stuff stashed away for at least a month, almost afraid to put it on. Now my daughter is all for purple lipstick, but Iv’e been hesitant. But hay, who’s looking right? (well everyone now, haha)

Here is two of the most vibrant purples – It took some time to tell them apart – and a teal eye-shadow (Endless Sea, 24 hour infallible, L’Oreal), I’ve not worn that color before either.

Well I suppose on screen they DO look different. Now i’m going to have to figure out which was which!

And here’s another violet, closer to what I wore in high school…

Yeah yeah yeah, I know there is mascara on my face. I was doing it blind lol. I like this one too. It’s called “Va Va Violet” by Revlon.

I have no idea why I’m up telling you this! But I enjoyed showing y’all!


College mama of 4 kiddos, and wife to my beloved. Just sharing our lives with the world!

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