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Lip-gloss DIY experiment – Crayons and Coconut oil

We are super busy checking out “life hacks” to see if they succeed or fail. Today we are checking several Lip-gloss recipes… Before you pick one of the recipes, you need to pick a container. Here is what we chose… Tiny heart containers we found  here on Amazon. They hold 5 grams (about 1/2 a teaspoon). I am making in small batches, but I have found it will still fill several containers.

lip-gloss containers
Lip-gloss containers

Here is what we used for this:

Crayons, coconut oil, measuring spoons, candle, old spoon and lighter.

First, e used one tablespoon of coconut oil, heated for about 10 seconds in the microwave.

Coconut oil
Heated Coconut oil

Gather your crayons and find the color you would like, then peel off the paper and break it up! Funny how our parents always told us not to :p Keep it to about 1/3 of the crayon.

crayon bits
crayon bits

Grab your old spoon and put the crayon bits in!

Crayon & spoon

This part requires an adult. With your lit candle and crayons in the spoon, melt the crayons in the spoon over the flame.

Melting the crayon

Pour it in the melted coconut pretty quickly and mix before it hardens again. We learned this the hard way!

Melted Crayon & coconut oil

Then, we spooned the mixture (with another spoon, this is important because the back of the spoon will be black and get into the mixture) into the little containers.

Crayon Lip-gloss

I put them in the fridge for about 5 minutes to chill. We put it up to the test. I let my daughter try it, and it worked! The color was not all that bright, maybe we should have used the whole crayon. Here is my daughter modeling her new lip-gloss!

Despite the slight damper in color, it was a SUCCESS!


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