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Koolaid lipgloss… Is it possible??

The last “life hack” of the day to see if they succeed or fail after I was totally worn out. Today we are checking several Lip-gloss recipes… Before you pick one of the recipes, you need to pick a container. Here is what we chose… Tiny heart containers we found  here on Amazon. They hold 5 grams (about 1/2 a teaspoon). I am making in small batches, but I have found it will still fill several containers.

lip-gloss containers
Lip-gloss containers

The recipe is simple, here is what you need!

kool aid mixture
Kool-aid mixture

Coconut oil, measuring spoons, koolaid packets and a small bowl.

Koolaid process

We pre-melted one tablespoon coconut oil, then mixed a tube of grape store brand koolaid with about 1/4 teaspoon water and 2 packets of splenda, in  separate bowls.

Koolaid coconut oil mix
Koolaid coconut oil mix

We combined the two until we had a smooth, purple, yummy tasting mixture. It was enough for several containers.

in fridge
In the fridge
grape koolaid lipgloss
Fresh mixture

Into the container it went and then into the fridge to cool the coconut oil to cool and harden back up!

Koolaid Lipgloss

And the final project!

I will get pics of her wearing this one later, I’m pretty tired of this process, hehe!

It was a SUCCESS!!

It’s very shiny, but the purple isn’t so bright. Maybe we didn’t use enough koolaid.


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