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DIY Eye-shadow Lip-gloss… Success or Fail?

This project took some practice and hard thought into what we are fixing to reveal! First off, we have several recipes, all cheap within a simple budget!

Before you pick a recipe, you need to pick a container, so that you will know if you need to double it or not. Ours our tiny heart ones we got here on Amazon. They hold 5 grams (about 1/2 a teaspoon). I make in small batches, so you can calculate it per container.

With this DIY we are going to use a very glittery gold eye shadow and Vasoline. Here is what you are going to need:

Lip-gloss ingredients
Lip-gloss ingredients

A small jar of Vasoline (generic is fine), sparkly loose eye-shadow (we chose L.A. Colors in “Summer” from the Dollar Tree), A bowl to mix in, a soup spoon, a 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon, and your container. You can use regular eye-shadow, but you will have to scrape it into a powder first.

Here we Go!

Using a regular soup spoon, get about a half of a spoonful of Vasoline.


1/2 spoon of vasoline
1/2 spoon of vasoline

With your measuring spoon, measure out 1/4 teaspoon of loose, sparkly eye-shadow. With this particular eye-shadow, you will need to un-cap it, pull out the brush, recap it and shake it upside down.

1/4 tsp eye-shadow
1/4 tsp eye-shadow

Combine your 1/2 spoon of Vasoline with your 1/4 tsp eye-shadow in a small bowl.

Vasoline and Eye-shadow in bowl ready to be mixed!!
Vasoline and Eye-shadow in bowl ready to be mixed!

This is the tricky part and very messy! Mix and fold and squish the two ingredients together until you end up with a very sparkly, gooey paste.

vasoline- eyeshadow mix
vasoline- eyeshadow mix

Get your empty container and plunge it all in. This is messy too, as it will be stuck in the spoon you are using, so you will have to use your fingers. Viola! You have your first container of home-made, very shiny, lip-gloss!

Eye-shadow Lip-gloss

Don’t forget to try it on and show everyone your pretty new style!

Lip-gloss model
Lip-gloss model


This was a pretty inexpensive endeavor, and we had a blast making a mess! It was one of our few successes. Get ready, as I’m whipping up both some successes and failures, all pretty cheaply made. Most of this we had on hand, so it really doesn’t cost much.

We will be back shortly with a video of how to do this!


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