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Preemies in need

I don’t think I’m going to have time for blankets, but maybe some hats. If anyone out there can crochet/knit some 20×20 blankets, ill donate them to the preemie project. I have several free resources for patterns. Also sew diapers and make bereavement outfits. I’m just not going to have the time this semester.

Or I can send you to the group to donate yourself


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Yes, im in. LOL. I have loads to do on top of schoolwork, so hay why not!? Community service, orientation, ect. Fun stuff. Here’s to another chapter in my life.

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To all my followers

I know this is random and off-the-wall, but do y’all want Christmas cards!? I’m already making them and though, what the heck, im missing out on alot of people! Just answer a quick poll and ill see where this goes! If so, ill create a new contact form so i can gather more information.

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