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If anyone has white yarn to donate, let me know. I will be knitting for preemies and alot of bereavement blankets! Any color is ok for hats. Needs to be baby soft yarn though. I cant get out to the store long enough to find any!

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I so want this…

So I’ve been working on my other blog, ( and i found a plugin to use for my charting pain levels and I’m going to be charting mood as well. But its $59! I so want it though. time to save money or get donations LOL (yeah right). Here’s where i found it:

Nothing much to report for today. I did some YouTube, played with the graphs, and cleaned my house. And OH sat with my new Lumbar pillow! It does wonders for sitting. I can now sit much longer than I originally could. Here it is. I need another for my car. Sweeet!


I love this pillow! Click to see where i got it!
best lumbar pillow ever!