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Summer schedule 2019

As I stated in the prior post, I received a text about registering early so i did! Another 2 classes during the Summer. If i’m still hanging in there, maybe a third? But here’s where I’m at for right now.

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Spring semester

Already, yes! I have the spring semester scheduled. Taking a whopping 4 classes. I got a text a week ago saying we could register for spring and Summer early, so I jumped on the opportunity to get the classes I WANTED! I missed out on a few for the fall, so this is making up for it!

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Facial time

First time Melody has done a facial mask! We went to Target and spent a good amount of time looking for suitable peel-off masks to experiment with. Here is what we chose, and it smells so yummy! Its so fun being a girl!

Yummy smelling Masks