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Pain management

After being lost in the chaos of lumbar spinal pain, I found Dr. Younas. He’s very caring and compassionate, yet very honest.  He is assisting me by managing my pain, and through the process, he takes quite a bit of time with me to make sure I understand the process itself. I have a long road ahead of me, but I also have a great doctor by my side. It makes me feel confident knowing there is an honest doctor out there!!

His staff is very professional and cheery, and his new building is gorgeous! I feel very welcomed there. They help me make educated decisions based on my care needs and insurance fulfillment. I am never lost when I leave the office. I am aware of what is to be covered, and how they will work with me financially.

Dr. Younas also explained to me about a new procedure he practices with stem cell therapy to help your body regenerate, helping to reduce pain even more. I can only imagine a life with less pain. He explains that insurance does not cover it yet, but I hope possibly someday it will.

At each appointment, I don’t just step in and see a nurse for my issues: I see the smiling face of a man whom is willing to take the time to visit with me and my daughter each time, help me with current issues, and explain what the future holds. Honesty and compassion are the most important characteristics in a doctor for me, and I have found them both. Thank you Dr. Younas for your help and compassion.

To those out there considering Dr. Younas for pain management, your future is brighter than it may seem if you choose his practice. So far, he has helped me beyond words, and can’t thank him enough! I’ve never been so excited to have injections before, this is a first!


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I’m now on a combination of pain meds that leave me somewhat comfortable and very functional. I can walk again and smile. I’m awaiting my first injections Tuesday the 21st, and hopefully things will start to look up from there.