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Physical Therapy gear at home

I’m in physical therapy for my back (I have very painful arthritis in my Lumbar Spine, more on that later!). It requires some gear at home, and pretty inexpensive. It’s become tolling on my back, as my back hurts after I work out, but it is supposed to help. I’m working out daily, low impact, praying for relief!

Enough on that, here is the gear i use daily.


The huge and smaller ball is for balance. Melody practices with me on the smaller ball. It’s always a laughing experience. Resistance bands for some impact on my leg and ab muscles while i exercise (hard to explain). This master because I want to tone my arms and legs. Lacrosse balls for joint pain in my glut (this is a large set of  muscles, extending into your abs I’ve learned). And a small child’s ball for some resistance while ab training.

Just some fun stuff I thought I’d share. Ill have to catch a video of Melody on the ball, its hilarious! Love y’all!



College mama of 4 kiddos, and wife to my beloved. Just sharing our lives with the world!

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