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Summer’s 18th birthday!

Just thought I would share some birthday pics. Thank you to y’all that came and shared the experience with us. It was a blast!

We had TONS of balloons, even some that lit up!

A happy smile!!

A home-made birthday cake just for Summer…

And GIANT candles! I love you Summershine!

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X rays

While I have no way of reading these, i’m pretty sure it’s the same as the MRI results. I think it looks pretty cool though, so I thought I would share!

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Mel’s science kit

Grandma gave her a science kit today to make that was right up her alley! She had to wire circuits together to create this spiny art project. It’s really cool!


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The studies continue

Despite my physical condition, the show must go on! I’m taking two classes this summer, which should help with the boredom that has arose. Love you guys!