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Composition II Essay

Please please please, make suggestions, comments and ideas on how i should change this. It’s due Monday!


Tenaya Nacke

Professor Annetta Lasley

ENGL 1302 – 394

12 April 2018


Emily, born to Tille Olsen around 1931 (only by calculating by the mother’s age), had an eventful life.  She was surrounded by 4 siblings, her being the oldest.  Her mom was only 19 when she was born, so she was the “guinea pig” when it came to raising a child.  Her father left when she was young, she was sent away several times to live with other people, but she ended up an amazing performer.  Her mother left her “to bloom”.

1931, Emily was born. “She was a beautiful baby” her mother says. The first of five children.  Her mother obsessed over her beauty. From stairing at baby pictures to admiring her in person. It was relentless.  Her mother nursed her “with all the fierce rigidity of motherhood.” Her mother felt nursing was very important these days.  As a baby she “blew shining bubbles of sound”. Her mother took note of practically every action she took, as she was so in love with Emily.

But when Emily was two, she was sent off to nursery school, as her mother looked for employment. This began her stages of being sent away to family for extended periods of time, so that her mother could work. Unfortunately, her beloved mother missed precious moments and years of time with her. Emily did not want to be held or loved after these occurrences. She merely wanted to be left alone. She would hardly eat. Later she was sent to a convalescent home in the country, where she could be provided for, for many years.

Upon coming home from these “vacations”, she became obsessed over her mother. Emily no longer wanted to go to school, so that she could stay at home with her mother. Emily would ask her mother, on nights she would leave her alone, “Cant you go some other time, Mommy, like tomorrow.?” The characters attachment to her mother is almost heartbreaking. After being left a stray so many times, she still is very attached to her mother.

Many years later, Emily began to perform. She once won first prize, and called her mom in pure joy.  She was then asked to perform in many other places. She would go to high schools and Colleges. Emily’s mother was approached with getting her in big time, but didn’t have the money to do so. “So, all that is in her will not bloom – but in how many does it” her mother expressed. Emily will become whatever she becomes.

Through Emily’s years, she had many experiences. She was the first of five children, beautiful, and often obsessed over. It is confusing why she was the one to be sent away, but it did happen on several occasions. Overall, Emily loved her mother regardless of what happened. She even shared her first triumph of her prize with her mother. We do not know what Emily will become or make of the performances.


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