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Hanging with Melody

Since she didn’t have therapy, after we dropped Chase off, we went to dunkin dounuts. Wet got some drinks and donughts with my neglected giftcard. Also, my little ham posed for a photo. LOL. She’s too funny!

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Orchid stuff

I hope this is not the highlight of the day, but here we go. I got this baby from Chad. It’s an espresso orchid. Well, all the flowers fell off, so i re-potted it. And I finally got it to stand up straight. LOL. 😁

Now onto school work

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College Work

So, I went to the NCTC IT lab yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed my visit! I met my professor, which is rare with online classes. We figured out what was wrong with my assgnment, and I moved forward, finishing up the week!

Tomorrow (or today rather), I must go deal with my next 8 week classes, as I signed up for too many! OOPS!

I want to thank my friends and family for their support with my education. Dealing with my crazy awake time hours to complete assignments is hard. I tend to work mostly at night and crash out during the day. I know that is hard on everyone around me. I hope to be back on regular hours once I completely adjust to my new anxiety medication.

Love you all!