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Defining Music – rough draft

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Tenaya Nacke

Professor Hays

MUSI 1306


Defining Music

Music is a mathematical equation of notes and rhythms, combined with human emotion and alterations, to create sounds, pleasing or displeasing, for a certain audience. The very same song can be altered by each musician to create it’s own style and sound. The audience also plays a vital role in the way each song is interpreted, using human emotion and preference over different styles.

The mathematical equation involved in creating music can be quite complex or very simple. The equation determines the rhythm or beat of the song. It also determines if the song is a quick, fierce song, or a slow, gentle song. Once the mathematical equation of the song has been written, one can move forward to customizing the song with an artists personal taste.

Each musician, whether it be a flautist or singer, can determine how the song’s mood or tone is presented to the audience. Emotional pasts or choice in words used by the artist can also influence the audience’s experience. Current day pop stars often use an upbeat tone to distract the audience from a song lyrics written in a sad or upset manner. They use an upbeat, poppy style gets the audience to dance rather than focus on the song meaning itself. This is just one example of current day distraction used with song lyrics and styles.

The audience’s personal experiences and emotions at the time the song is played or heard also plays a vital role in the song’s general acceptance. Sometimes the lyrics or melody itself can upset a person enough to discord the song. In other moments, if the person is exceptionally happy, it may lead them to love the song based on emotions or mood.

In conclusion, Music is not only a mathematical equation, but a mix of characteristics among different people listening all at the same time. Many equations across the board will equate into the factor if a person accepts or denies the song’s personality. The one thing we can not deny, is that music in itself is generally loved by people.


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