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Melody’s first day of school

Melody started today at McCauliffe Elementary School! She was warmly greeted by the staff and gifted 3 t-shirts (i think she was more excited than ever to get those,lol). I can’t wait to pick her up soon. It’s very close, so ill be walking. I’ll be back with pics soon!


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Visiting Summer

We went to visit Summer for a short while for my belated birthday.  They were all so sweet! I wish i took pics.  Although there is this one of little bit while we waited for summer to get home. 

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Our Crazy lives

For those that dont know, we moved due to some violent behavior of our downstairs neighbor, into my Mother In Law’s house. We are restructuring our entire lives. New habits, lots of change. All good! We needed to get out of the filth and have something to respect I think!

Right now we are focusing on our credit so we can save and look forward to buying a home ๐Ÿ™‚

For right now, im content, just peachy. My only thing is that i miss my bed. lol!

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The news behind the credit!

Is decent! We are both so close to our scores being able to soar. Chad has some medical debt, i have some old credit cards. We’re under $3k in debt! A new credit card for us and some paying things off will straighten that out! I know revolving credit takes time so we shall see. I couldn’t be happier right now!