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A miserable week…

If you read throughout the week, we’ve had our shares of major ups and downs. Well, today is more DOWN. First off, my package of PG, which i make the nicoteine solution with (e-cig stuff), is in MICHIGAN when it started in FLORIDA. FURIOUS about this.

Then I take Melody to see the dr, which was lovely. And we get her meds. Go to the pharmacy, There is NOTHING there for her except the one in my hand! WHAT THE HECK!?

And come to find out one of Chad’s tail lights is out… Which is $80. Cant happen when we threw our money at rent. So im just smelling another ticket here.

3 strikes your out mom… too much for one day

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Quitting smoking…. Again!

My e-cig

So last time didn’t go so well, and i’m about to revisit the trial. If you once don’t succeed, try try again. Right? Well this time im going to come down using my e-cigs. Hopefully that will make things go smoother, or healthier at the very least. I KNOW what goes into my nicotine concoctions, so i know what im puffing. These cigarettes i dont!
I have a shipment of things coming in to mix my juice, then its on! Im going for a lower nic than the patches, and i wont have the oral fixation missing. So we shall see how this idea goes 💞

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The Good, Bad and the Ugly

I really don’t like posting bad stuff. I really don’t. Its just been such a rough week. We ended up loosing a card and the both of us frantically looking for it!! With me crying of course. I don’t deal with stress well lately. The GOOD though is that we found it. Now over our  next hurdle and hopefully next week will be a good one. ☺