BooBoo on tuition

tuition click to enlarge

Somehow or another i got dinged for an extra $10,000 per class (2) in my Summer semester!!
So yeah, im heading straight in tomorrow to get it fixed. So for Summer and Fall im at $21000! Ouch. Id cry if it werent marked as an error!
I added 2 more classes just to be a pain

Lacy has been accepted!


I got the letter today for the apartment complex, so we could nix the deposit, and everything worked out just fine. Im so excited! Tomorrow she will be official once i bring her “papers”. So  fun that everything is official!

kitty fooood

Lacy’s FREE food

Yeah, i know i know its all about the cat. Well, i ended  up making enough in surveys to order her a free bag of food.  I love free stuff! And i love surveys! If you need a referral let me know. Im tempted to spam it, but i wont just yet 😉