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Day 35

I almost sorta kinda did good! I only had 4 cigarettes the whole day! Ive decided to keep going on rather than “starting over” because that’s just stupid. So here we go. I dont care how many days it takes to be smoke free!!

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Oh Crap!?

So, today has been the worst asthma day ever. I’ve had 3 treatments already, and i usually only do 3 throughout the whole day!! I COULD NOT BREATHE. No I’m not smoking. The good thing is i only had 2 today, And its 2 pm! So now from all the asthma meds I’m shaking like crazy. I was upset and didn’t know what to do, And certainly didn’t want to go to the ER!!  😦
I want to rest like BAD, but my daughter is coming home soon and cant do that! *sigh*
Edit to add: Going to dr., they worked me in right after Melody gets home!

Edit again to add: Went to dr., my bronchials are swollen… They gave me a shot in the hip and a prescription for steroids. Then i LOST the physical prescription before i made it to my car… Lovely.

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Day 34

day 34

So this didn’t work out so well. Especially just trying to jump back on the train. I’m going to wait till the 1st and start all over. I’m smoking too much, i gave into the cravings, and it didn’t help that Chad was trying to quit too. So! I’m going to give myself a few days to think about how i’m going to do it differently and be done… Again. Hopefully it works this time, because i’m not giving UP.