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Welcome Onyx to the family

Our neighbor gave us a sweet black kitty, which we named Onyx (born on memorial day). We scored all the goodies at the dollar store, WOOT.  She’s getting along great with Macy and the kids, and hardly makes much noise. And a huge PLUS, shes pottying in her bx by herself. Such a sweetie pie!

Onyx with Summer 
 Onyx with Melody 
Onyx with mama 
Onyx loving her new toy
(Yay for dollar stores) 
Onyx loving Macy
Much love!
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The “cowseat”

Well… Melody has finally outgrown her carseat. This child is growing like a weed. The first two years of her life, she was -5% in EVERYTHING. I take her to her 3 year check up, and she is in the 75% for height, 50% for weight! WOOT. A whopping 3 feet 3 inches tall!  So anyways, her lil head has popped out of her carseat by 3 inches. VERY uncomfortable for her =(

We were out driving today, and shes now BEGGING for her “Cowseat” (see a few posts down, i think i have a pic up of it.), which is on amazon, and SHOULD accommodate her size until 7. Since Texas, they have to be in one until 7, yuck! YAY for rushing to conjure up the money for it.

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July 4, 2011

We visited the lake in Higland Village waiting for fireworks… The kids had a great time playing in the sand and water!! But as soon as the sun went down and the moon was shining bright, Melody INSISTED it was bedtime (For her, she always checks to see if the moon is out before hitting the sack.)  … So after 20 minutes of her screaming, we went home, and missed fireworks this year… BOOOOO…



                                                                        And almost gone!!

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Silly Faces…

Melody got a hold of my phone and made some self portraits… I thought they were cute to share!!

                                                                (poor heat rash!!)