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7th anniversary!

Just throwing it out there! Chad and I have been married 7 years today! Didn’t start off as planned, but ended well =) He surprised me with a dozen roses, Im not sure that ive gotten a dozen before! Then we sat back, cooked up some frozen chimichangas and played with our lil girl… It was a great day!

The rest of the day, Melody and i spent wasting time at stores, playing ball, and finally ended up at the dollar store for more swimming supplies. And the funniest part of the day was watching people hop the fence to the pool, because they were sick of it being closed. Then getting kicked out by management… They waited an hour then were  back in. HAHA. We might do the same if they keep up the closing stuff… Its 102-103 here people, we NEED our pool!

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Melody and the car seat

 So next to you,  you see a crazy cow seat. Well the story behind the picture is kinda funny…

I was letting her look at the different choices… At first she was set on the light pink (the same one chad and i liked), and then as we scrolled across for fun, she went NUTS over the cow one. “Mama i love the cow, i love the cow”. I asked her if she wanted the cow over the light pink (big mistake on my part!!), and she said yes!

So now she is telling me 3x an hour she cant wait for her cow seat. Blah!!! How do i get her to change her mind???

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Selling off Dance wear..

 If anyone is interested in dance wear, Tell your friends! They are size 1-3, with the black being on the smaller side, and the others being large about 3-4. $5 each, $10 for the purple set plus $2 shipping… All in excellent condition! Ill get better pic in the morning.