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2nd Dance class

 Here we are ready to go to our second dance class!

 In class changing shoes. Sorry its hard to get actual pics. No windows for us =(

Here we are on the go leaving, and Mel enjoying her sucker!


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Chase bridges into Boyscouts!!

Here we are at home ready for the BIG event. This is when a cubscout and parent works very hard for his arrow of light and “graduate” into boy scouts. We visited many troops and he picked his favorite.

At the ceremony with his cubscout buddies.

 The ceremony where they actually bridge into boyscouts.

Very cool cake with their pictures on it!

Bridged over into his new boyscout troop.

The cub scout group he was with. One last gathering before they split up into their new troops and say goodbye.

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Scout Graduation

Now that im a webelos, i get to graduate to a REAL boy scout
Here is me and mom. Look, she dressed just like me!

At the ceremony

The scouts doing the initiation

Our den cake

My walking stick and new tie

Here’s my den group, all grown up!

Im a boyscout now, YAY!