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Lots of new things!!

Well we have alot going on here!!!

Melody is now talking like crazy! She repeats just about anything she hears, and asks what things are. Shes forming new sentences daily. She loves loves loves Ni Hao Ki lan, Dora, and Spongebob. She loveeeeees to sing and dance. Chad has a few of her favorite You Tube movies i will post here soon.

Melody has also potty trained. We still have accidents daily, but shes a quick learner! She loves to wear panties, and gets upset when she misses the potty. She has quite a few poo accidents, but all in all, we’ve reduced her diapers to 2 a day!!! Absolutely amazing!

Macy is preggo. And getting chunky!!! She’s due around the first of may.
Macy 5 weeks preggo!

And we have started (well I am dealing with it) Recycling and Vermicomposting (composting kitchen waste with wormies!) . We have reduced our trash by 2/3rds!!! We were averaging probably 15 bags of trash a week! YUCK.

Im working more now, i have keys to the store, so i get to open/close alot.

Chase and I spent the day building his fort out by the trees! It was fun.

Other than that, im just enjoying being mama with my kiddos & working =)

Loves to all!!!