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Melody is in a big bed!!

Well, the crib was literally falling apart, and melody had started to climb out of it on a daily basis and come out of her room – so out it went! We re-organized the bedroom, and put her on the trundle auston had. We are saving for a bunk, so the boys will be on one side, the girls on the other.

Here is her big girl bed!!


And here is how we reorganized the room! Fun times!!


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The Games babies play

So last night, i had the kennel set out in the livingroom. i had the dogs kenneled while the maintenance man came to fix some things, then moved it to the livingroom when he left. Mel spent a while playing with the doors, openening and closing them. Eyeing it pretty good. Then she decided to get INSIDE!! She spent a good hour getting in and out and opening and shutting the doors. Just had to share because it was just too cute!!


And on a side note, i had 9 things fall off my report this month!! YAY!! Its finally happening after 7 years of waiting =)

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WOAH what a happy Monday

We are also being blessed with a diaper service from my mom. There is finally one that serves our area! So, no more worrying about buying diapers, or if we have enough, or spending countless hours on end washing them trying to get the stinkies out! Now i might actually be able to keep up on our clothing laundry! YAY! Thanks Mom =)

Im praying that the rest of this week goes well.

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Woah fluffy Bum

Mel’s been super flooding her dipes today, literally peeing right through them, and in the 2 years ive been diapering her, shes never done this! So here was my solution. One prefold trifolded in another. Hopefully this will hold her for more than 30 mins!!
And pardon her face, she just ate!

Photobucket Photobucket

wait for it…

because looks are deceiving….






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Mel’s diaper stash

Those of you know me, know im a bit of an eco NUT… We are totally back into cloth now, and i LOVE it. Lil miss mel can bring me what she wants to wear and we go from there. Makes the whole derobing issue so much easier!!

So here it is! Her stash! Makes me soooooooo happy! Finally almost perfect!

Prefolds are my thing, Chaddie hates them lol! So the second row is full of her pockets for daddy time!
Then we have the covers, which daddy will use if i have them preloaded =) (a few are drying) and the gdiapers
(again several are drying!)
Then fitteds on the bottom, which i use around the house when i dont feel like covers!! And the wool pants up top.

Then of course, all the mommy made wool is stashed up top. 4 knitted covers, and 3 interlock. My LOVE!
The next pocket, fleece covers mama made.
Next pocket is some extra covers un stuffed and pins for prefolds.
Then last our cloth wipes.

I sooo love it! =)