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Found the perfect diaper

I’ve aways considered the diapering aspect of life FUN. Seriously. Its a hobby. From knitting pants and soakers, to sewing diapers, to buying and selling diapers. Always looking for the nirvana diaper. And at 2 years old, ive found one for her! I spent last month selling and buying. I bought mostly thirsties, and a few odd ones here and there. Well, the LONELY Large bumgenious AIO┬ánot only soaks up great, but it fits PERFECTLY under normal clothes! Im estatic. That means off with the thirsties! Granted they are great under stretch pants or longies, but i enjoy her wearing normal clothes too. So off again, to destash, and hopefully restash with Bumgenious, and off to modify the registry at!

I know im goofy, but i still had to share!

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Chad & Chase

After digging for things he wants, he has FINALLY told me something! Star Wars legos, or a robot (dont ask, i dont know!). Anywho i finally have an idea now!!
Also edited Chad’s *wants* He told me tonight he wants to quit wow! Yay!
Also, hopefully you will see some posts from chad, as i have added him on!

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Giggly kids

I woke up this morning to giggly children. The best way in the world to wake up. Well, ive told the kids not to pull melody out of her crib in the mornings, because they dont watch her well enough, and dont wake us up. So here is what i found this morning. Chase, and both the dogs in Melody’s crib with her, entertaining her. Nothing but giggles!PhotobucketPhotobucketKinda hard to see, but thats chase laying down haha!

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Gdiapers at sprouts, YAY!

I just found out gdiapers are at sprouts!!! We are going to have to try these since mel pulls off her diapers now. Maybe it will be harder when they are on backwards, lol! And they finally came out with cloth inserts for them, but ill just use my yummy prefold stash =)

Off to work i go, will post some yummy pics soon!

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Silly Girl

Mama says im silly!!

Because i like to get up close to the camera!

But how else will you see my pretty smile?

Ok ok, ill back up!

And even pose!!

And even with grandpa!

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Diaper Deals, YAY!

I sold off mels itty bitty diapers and used that to get her some that fir her booty! I got a killer deal at Thirsties =)You can click the link to see! Cant wait to sell off more to get more for her! They are all blue, but they do the job! And no more sposies!!! I hate spending that money on sposies. =P

Here is what they look like!

Here are pics of her in them… Sorry shes got a runny nose though!

I wub my diappeeeesss!!

And i wuuubbb my boogers too!!