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2 years later…

So, for those of you that have been following my blog since we started the IVF process, it has now been 2 years and 2 months since Chad said yes to conceiving our child! =) I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. I was on top of the world, full of joy… Just imagining what our child would look like, be like, ect.

And now, here we are… 26 months later, with a 16 month old little girl. We went through the crazy roller coaster of conceiving her in April of that year (via IVF), and having her much too early. Many many trips to the ER…. And the day she was born, i didnt even know who she was, because she was whisked away to NICU so darned quickly. I can remeber crying waddling into the NICU begging the nurses to point me to my child.

And then many many months (now over a year) of conifining her from other children to keep her from those nasty nasty germs that preemies can not be around. And still even now, i dont take her out during the cold season. I hardly take her out at all, in fear of those NASTY germs!! I happily nursed her for 10 months, and sometimes she still has to peek to see if there is anymore. LOL.

Now come this April, we can celebrate! We can be FREE! No more RSV shots. No more confinement… We still have to be precatious of sick kids, but she can actually be OUT and ABOUT without mama being worried to death that she will pick up something from another kid.

We cant wait to start the next chapter in her life, watching her socalize and make friends. It has been so hard to be couped up alone. She has learned so much the past 16 months, but i cant wait to see her giggle at the park with her new friends!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and love during the last two trying years of my life. It has been so hard, but it was worth every moment!!!

Love and Hugs.



College mama of 4 kiddos, and wife to my beloved. Just sharing our lives with the world!

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