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Noni’s Death

Noni Died December 5th, 2008. (Born december 11, 1928).

I was notified that evening, my mother called my husband to let me know. No, she didnt talk to me herself. She went peacefully in her sleep.

The funeral was Tuesday, December 9th. It was a choatic morning. I had no carseat for Melody, and mom had to pick up her brother. So, 45 minutes before we were to be picked up by the limo, i scrambled across both sides of town to pick up my three children, and make sure i was back home in time to be picked up.

The funeral was absolutely perfect, which she so deserved. She was made up very well. Her make up was perfect, like she so did daily… Her clothes, in red, were in her taste to a tee. She even seemed to have a smile on her face, as if she knew she was going to the heavens above. It was lovely. As we stepped outside, the trees changing colors blew their stream of leaves across the acres of gravesides.

She was buried in the “Garden of Flowers” in Sparkman Hillcrest. She really got the celebration she deserved. The boys each spoke at her ceremony, her son, and a few friends. I couldnt choke up the works to reminess.

It was the most lovely ceremony i have been to. She had The judy version of “Over the Rainbow”, and a few other very optimistic songs… It really was a great reflection of the way she lived her life….

I will miss her dearly. And everytime i think im going to cry, i remember how much pain she was in, and how she was not afraid of death. Noni, i hope you have been reunited with your beloved sisters and father. You will never be forgotten.

I love you!