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Diapers in action

Wool soaker i made for her

Rainbow velour. There was even enough of a scrap leftover for her to play with
Eating her Amber bracelet

So shiny!

Super shiny butt!

Yum yum yum!

Look i fit on the leftover square!

And here she is in a GoodMama i think.
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Diaper modeling time!

So that fabric i sent off a while back, well the lady came through and i got the fitteds back. All so yummy! Here we go into a modeling session! 😏

First off, Strawberry shortcake with pink Velour inside

fits quite well

And she’s a happy camper.
Pink with white flowers & pink velour
 fits pretty good – happy baby
Blue with tinkerbell & butterflies – velour
fits nice – happy baby
 Rainbow velour outer, pink inner

fits nicely – happy baby
And one heck of a happy mommy!