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Shes still growing!!

Yesterday, we went in to the dr for another weight check. Mel is at 10lbs 5 ounces! YAY! Its funny how you get a thrill out of every ounce when they come out so tiny to begin with! But we’ve FINALLY doubled her birth weight!

I taught myself to crochet last week! Yippe! Im going to crochet her a yummy, fuzzy purple blanket out of some very yummy yarn i got from michaels a few weeks ago. I wasnt sure if i was going to knit or crochet it. Crochet is so much faster, and shes nearly outgrown her blankets. So i will start on that soon! Ive got to finish her pants first, and a pair of shorties for a friend. She sent some super yummy yarn! I need to get pics of it before i knit it up. Its so pretty!! Ive also found some other yarn i want to buy, called posion. my hubby loves it too =)

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Its been a while! Sorry everyone! We’ve been so so busy with lil mel, going back and forth to dr visits and such!

I will start off with the new pics though 😉

I went to walmart today, and bought her this cute dress, and i just couldnt help myself! We had to play dress up!! Its a 0-3 months, and looks like it will fit her for a while =) The bloomers are ultra baggy on her skinny bum!!


Those of you directly involved with lil mel, know the troubles we’ve been through lately. First off, In January we ended up in the ER after her two month shots due to a small reaction. Everything turned out ok thank goodness!

Then, after a month of her not gaining any weight, we were forced to give her a 24 calorie formula to pump up her weight. The formula was filling her belly, so she didnt want to nurse much =( I was pumping in the meantime, but my supply kept puttering out. It made me very very sad, i love our times nursing. Its a precious time for the both of us. Its taken me about two weeks, and without herbal remedies, ive been able to regain my milk supply!! Shes back to nursing most of the time, and getting supplement bottles from daddy. Im just hoping it all balances out with her weight gain =) Ive even been pumping an extra 5 ounces at night, that she doesnt eat because shes sleeping. So hopefully soon ill have some more frozen for when i return to work!!

Melody weighed in at 9 1/2 pounds a week and half ago at her synagis appointment! Yay melody! Grow baby grow! Shes finally outgrowing her xs and sm diapers, so i ve been selling off some of them to get new ones. Some of them still havent sold, hope they sell soon so i can fund her medium stash!! =) I may have to turn to making diapers myself, hehe!!

And of course, here are some more recent pics, just for gawking purposes!!

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Easter attire

Ok, My mom loves to play dress up with me. Ill tolerate it for a little bit, but seriously…

Im cute

Ill even pose a little

Maybe some more…

OK, there has to be a way out of here!!

Maybe this way!

Darn it, im on my back where I started! Get this thing off of me! 💖

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More diapers

Yes i told you i was obsessed.

Prefolds (which daddy hates), fitteds, All in ones, and some misc. ones at the bottom

The wool Ive made her 🙂

And the stash of diaper covers.
All conveniently located in the hall closet for easy grabbing. And daddy has even learned which shelf is his! 💖

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Wool and diapers

Mama made these pants for a friend of hers that has a little boy!

And here im in one of daddy’s favorite stuff-able diapers

And My wool soaker. She loves me so much! She loves to knit me stuff all the time!