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Nursing Challenges

Poor lil girl cant latch well, and often falls asleep at the breast. Its nearly impossible to breastfeed her without pumping a bottle! We worked through the day though.She ate nearly every 20 minutes for nealy 2 hours, then finally napped. And i pumped a good 3 oz while she slept (thank goodness for fenugreek!)

She still gets her sup bottles w/ neosure at daddy bottle feeds.. Sorta depressing i cant do it all on my own =/ Soon i suppose!

She has become very needy. Crying and needing to be held. I havent slept much since she was born, im hoping thing change soon! And to get off this darned bottle.

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first smiles

i got my first sweet smiles from mel while awake today!!! i was too consumed by the happiness to take pics, but the joy is overwhelming. Especially since preemies dont normally smile this early!