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Melody has arrived!

Over the last few days, i have been busy getting Melody’s nursery together. Got her clothes washed, and all her new goodies from the shower put together. And on a whim, i went out and bought some preemie clothes, since we were expecting her soon.

As soon as i got home from my little shopping trip, i noticed i had lost my plug, and the backpain had returned. So i call chad, my mom and the dr in a panic. Everyone told me to go to labor and delivery again. I was hesitant though, because i had been there so many times, and simply sent home. I went anyways.

Plugged up to the monitors for a while, not much was happening. A few contractions here and there, but nothing progressive. Chad came in to be with me after he finished work, and suddenly the contractions went haywire! The doctor came in to check me, i had dialated to a 5, and told us we were having our baby since she can’t stop labor anymore. She gave us the spill about how Melody would be in the NICU for a while, and to be prepared for that.

We were transferred to a Labor and Delivery room at 6pm. They plugged in the antibiotics to my IV, and called the anestiologist for my epidural. Thank goodness for that epidural, because those contractions were coming every 2 minutes, and i was having horrible back labor to begin with!

8pm, i was checked again, and was at 6cm dialated, and the dr decided to break my water and add pitocin. (To make sure the baby wouldnt stress out over a long labor.) The next two hours were kind of a daze. Chad and i talked about what was going to happen, and how excited we were.

10:15pm, the nurse checked me, and said i was a good 7-8 cm dialated! Things had gone so slowly so far, i was beginning to wonder… The nurse was buzzing around the room, getting things prepared for delivery. About 10 minutes later, i had an overwhelming feeling that this baby was trying to come out. Dearly trying to cross my legs, i loudly shouted, OMG shes coming! lol… She ran over and checked me, and sure enough i was at a 10 and she was crowining.

She buzzed around the room a little more getting things prepped, and i was in a panic, and screamed for her to get the dr. At 10:30pm – The dr, 6 neonatal nurses, and two more labor nurses quickly ran in to deliver my baby. They dissasembled the bed, propped me in stirrups, and told me to start pushing… Within two contractions, Melody’s head was pushed out (and came out sideways!), and all the staff was singing happy birthday to Melody!! It was a precious moment i will never forget!! All i could do was cry.

Within seconds, Melody was screaming her heart out, which was such a relief to us both, knowing she could breathe on her own. They weighed her, measured her, checked her temp, and all the other things they do over there. Melody was born at 10:36 pm on 11/12/07. 4lbs 13 oz, and 18 1/4” long. They put her in my arms for a few minutes, so i could kiss her sweet little head, then wisked her off to the NICU due to her weight. I didnt get to see her again until 3:30am, and the wait seemed like forever. But now she is in my arms, and i never want to let her go!

And here she is, seconds after birth!