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Lonely and Bored.

The seclusion of bedrest has beyond worn on me for some time now. I have few real-life friends to speak of, and even fewer that i actually see. I am slowly loosing my sanity and grip on reality. I endlessly refresh forum pages daily, chat with people on-line (most whom i will never actually see or meet in reality); basically wasting time until i am once again allowed to not be so confined to such a little space in the world. Heh. Even if i were allowed to move about, i have no idea what i would do, since ive been so holed up for so long. Or even if id have the damned energy to do anything anyways.

The blessed curse of growing a child. Its a small sacrifice, but it is surely driving me insane.

I do eagerly look forward to meeting her. I often dream of how beautiful she will be. I cant wait to snuggle her close, after all the crazieness we have gone through just to get this far. Impatient as we both are, we are holding up strong, with her softly snuggled up in my warm belly. Its the best i can do for her right now, and thrilled that i still can…

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34weeks 4 days

Yes, another apt…
Good and bad news.
First the Bad – My fluid has again dropped to a 9… Which concerns them, but we find no reasons as to why!
The good- Melody has gained a little over a pound in the last weeks and a half. Shes measuring 4lbs 3oz!!