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Hectic Week

It has been a crazy week to say the least. Last Friday’s ER trip was only the beginning. Tuesday morning, i went to the OB for my normal appointment, and everything seemed to be going fine until she checked my cervix… Unknown to me, i had dialated to a 1.5, and 60% effaced. She asked me to head upstairs and get strapped to the monitors to make sure everything was ok. I had no idea the hell i was about to go through…
I was in the triage area for about 45 minutes, only to find out i was contracting. I was quickly transferred to a labor and delivery room, where i would stay for the next 4 days… I was hooked up to an iv pretty quickly, and they started pumping Magnesium Sulfate through me, which made me incredibly ill. It took about 12 hours, but they finally stopped the contractions. Later in the evening, they had a peri come in and do a sono, to make sure Melody was doing alright. They estimate her to be 2 lbs 12 oz at that time.
Then they started the steriods to prepare her lungs, just in case of an early arrival. The combination of heart meds, procardia, steriods, mag, antibiotics, and god knows what else they were pumping into me, made my diabetes go haywire! So thus began insulin.
The first two days were mostly a very ill blur. Lots of downs with blood pressure plumiting and crazy reactions to all the meds. By thursday, i was hoping to go home, as i was feeling better, and the contractions had stopped. But apparantly i still wasnt stable. We continued to fight the diabetes problem around the clock until they finally figured out a dosage of insulin that would regulate my sugars.
Yesterday morning (friday) the OB came in and told me if i could give myself my own insulin, and keep regular throughout the day i could go home!! Yay!! By now, i was missing my husband and kids terribly. Poor Chad had his first real dose of dealing with all of the kids soley on his own. And i must say, he did a damned good job!
Anyways, i had several “meetings” with nearly all parts of the staff, in preparation for if i had to come back. The NICU lady came in, and reassured me if Melody was born today, she had a 100% chance of living =) But she would be in NICU for over a month in order to gain weight and eat. I had physchologists come in to check on my well being, diabetes educators to prepare me for my new adjustments, social workers explaining the costs of NICU, heart specialists, and many doctors and nurses that in some way had something to do with what i was going through. Truely overwhelming.
My sugars finally stabilized, and i gave myself my first insulin shot! After what seemed an eternity alone, i was finally told i could go home!! I was given a long list of at home care, meds, and bound to strict bedrest. Come 8pm Friday night, i was rolled out of my hospital room with all of my instructions and belongings, and went home to my loving family.
We are praying Melody stays inside me for at least another 4 weeks, not only to gain weight, but so she can feed if she is born early. 10 weeks would be ideal, but that seems doubtful to my doctor that i will last that long at this point. The steriods seemed to have made her stronger, her kicks are ferocious now. Amazing that a little 2 lb baby can kick so hard!
Im glad to be home, but really sad i cant get out of bed. I know myself, and doubt that part will last, there is just too much to do! I have weekly appointments with my dr until she is born, and weekly apts with the diabetes councelor and peri. Thank you everyone who helped us out through this crazy situation! From bringing me things at the hospital, visiting me to keep me sane, and helping care for my little ones while i was away. Hopefully we wont be back there for a while, and that Melody will be born strong, fat and healthy!

And this is about how big i got… kinda sad…