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It was wierd this time, i could actually feel the moment in time that my heart went wacko. It was almost like an electrical surge. Laying around at 6:30, watching tv, boom. There i was. My first SVT attack since ive gotten pregnant. I tried all the at-home remedies my cardiologist perviously suggested, nothing worked. So, after contacting the OB to let them know, we made a run to the ER to get things under control. Mostly because at this point, the baby had stopped moving all together, and was starting to contract.

We get there at 9:30, and thank god no one else was in the waiting room, so after about 2 mins of questioning in the triage, i was in my room being hooked up to monitors and such. The normal observation procedure for heart patients. My heart rate was bouncing from 182 to 195. No wonder i was sweating! By 9:45 i was medicated, and back down to a normal level (98, which is normal for me). We were there for another 2 hours, while they checked me and the baby periodically to make sure we were ok. We got home at about 12:45, and my kids (who were troopers throughout the process) were passed out in the back seat. Poor babies.

They were so cute while we were there. As soon as Chad and them were allowed in, they came in with endless curiosity. I guess theyve never really been there while i was in the hospital. Chase peeked through all the equipment i was hooked up to, and had so many questions about the number on the screen. Then he began inspecting me! The IV, the “stickers” all over me, ect. It was really cute to see his reaction. He asked me how i felt, i told him i was better, then he was satisfied. He climbed up on my mini-bed, and cuddled me around the wires =)

Here we spend a lifetime worrying about our babies, and forget, that when we are sick, they always return the sort of compassion that is given to them when they are ill. He is a true sweetheart!

So, now im back on my heart meds, and along with seeing the OB and diabetic specialist, its time to go back to the cardiologist as well. I look back on it all, and thank god i have such good children. Never once did they misbehave. Just loved and questioned.

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10 weeks 6 days left…

Oh my gosh, i sit here and realize, there isnt much time left!!10 weeks, and so much left to do! Still have to finish organizing Melody & Summer’s room, strap down the computer wires so the baby wont eat them, move the cleaners up high, childproof the house, pick out birth announcements, get rid of tiny toys she could choke on, find a new home for the cat, wash her clothes, move the bookcase, pack my bag, tour the hospital, and survive the baby shower! It doesnt feel like 8 months ago we were still trying to get pregnant!! It seems like it was only last week. And here we are, fixing to pop!

diabetes councellor on monday, dr on tuesday… Hmm… everything is just rushing by!

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Normal life… coming soon…

After all the bullshit in life ive been through. I sit back and think. This baby is going to complete our lives, and start a chapter of my own that ive only dreamed of. A family. That is together, forever. A child that never MUST leave my side due to court orders, or obscene father demands. I will, for once in my life, know what it feels like to be a real mother. With real dreams, and real experiences. No muttling over “this is what be at my house”, and what must be at mine. She is mine. And always will be mine. No child support. No fighting. No tugging at “this is my time not yours”. Just a normal happy family.

I fight everyday to make it another day. For her to grow stronger, and healthier. I fought for all her siblings, and now it is her turn! Im praying that god blesses this family, and i never again have these issues. Its almost a pure extacy to imagine a child always tugging at me. For those that dont have this everyday, understand. For those that do, just see me as crazy. To each their own. Leave me in my heavinley state.

I love you Melody.

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Another test. Yay.

Glucose test today, fun!!! Wont get results for a few days though. Im dialated to a 1… ugh. And they are searching for a reason for the spotting/cramping. Should HOPEFULLY find out soon. I also lost 1lb, bringing me to a whopping 7lbs weight gain for the entire pregnancy. So now ive been threatened with hopsital stays if i dont gain in the next two weeks Baby measured 1 week behind with tummy measurements, but as she is normally lively, she kicked the nurse and dr repeatedly.

So….More bedrest, and ORDERED to eat constantly. As it is i almost vomit everytime i eat, but she gave me meds for that. For now, its simply eat and rest until we both get better! Never in my life have i been told to be a bum, but its the offical order for now. Its kinda wierd!

Anywho, keep us in your prayers, so lil melody can grow strong and healthy for us!

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27weeks 3 days

We’ve found that our lil girl reacts to daddy’s voice!! Its so darned cute! He will rub my belly, or put his hand there, and talk to her close to my belly. She kicks and squirms as if she knows who he is, all excited! He gives her the loving voice, and she squirms like crazy! Im loving it! And ive caught him doing it when im alseep!! She also does this when youngest DS comes to give her kisses. He rubs his nose in my belly and tells her he loves her, and she goes nuts! She dont do this for me or DD though. :confused:
The cramps are still there, but DR doesnt seem concerned… I had contractions like crazy, and they are like, go to bed. Hmmph. They are still here on and off. I had some spotting yesterday so im kinda getting scared here. Praying she stays in!!